Friday, August 13, 2010

It's harder than it looks

We got some coupons for bowling in my email box today.  And Sloane took to the idea RIGHT away.  :o)  She felt the absolute NEED to go bowling...TODAY.  I tried to get her to wait until Wednesday when we could go with our homeschool friends.  But she wanted to go NOW.  :o)  And...since she and I were here by ourselves today with nothing else to do.  I said "Why Not!"  Let's go!  :o)  So we packed our coupons and our socks and away we went.

When we got there, Sloane presented our coupons to the kind gentleman behind the desk and at first, he said we couldn't use both of them because they both had my name on them.  Then he looked again and realized that they are student coupons.  He said (pointing at me) "but you're not a student.  Oh well, I'll give it to you anyway."  Yippee!  We only had to pay for our shoes.  $6 is all it cost for two people to bowl one game and for both people to rent shoes.  Not bad, I'd say.  :o)

Sloane even took a picture of me.  We had such fun.  I haven't bowled in I can't tell you how long.  But I DID get three strikes!  My game was only 101.  But fun was on our agenda and FUN is what we had.  :o)

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