Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coming Home from camp

Such a beautiful place.

Connor is saying goodbye to Laura, the camp director.

I think he's happy to be going home.  This is at the airport.


Connor finally got home last night.  :o)  I loved the Welcome Home sign.  In this picture, he is showing us his new mustache he got from camp.  Isn't it nice?  LOL

Saturday, August 14, 2010

He's coming HOME!

(Click picture to enlarge)

I made this banner for Connor.  He comes home today!  Yea!!!  :o)  We are all so excited.  He has been at camp all week and we MISS him.  I have talked with him briefly this morning after Dave and Quinn picked him up.  But I didn't get much in the way of information out of him.  I think I'm just going to have to be patient and let it come out over time.  He did tell Dave that he would like to go again next year.  Well, that must mean he had a good time.  Right?

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's harder than it looks

We got some coupons for bowling in my email box today.  And Sloane took to the idea RIGHT away.  :o)  She felt the absolute NEED to go bowling...TODAY.  I tried to get her to wait until Wednesday when we could go with our homeschool friends.  But she wanted to go NOW.  :o)  And...since she and I were here by ourselves today with nothing else to do.  I said "Why Not!"  Let's go!  :o)  So we packed our coupons and our socks and away we went.

When we got there, Sloane presented our coupons to the kind gentleman behind the desk and at first, he said we couldn't use both of them because they both had my name on them.  Then he looked again and realized that they are student coupons.  He said (pointing at me) "but you're not a student.  Oh well, I'll give it to you anyway."  Yippee!  We only had to pay for our shoes.  $6 is all it cost for two people to bowl one game and for both people to rent shoes.  Not bad, I'd say.  :o)

Sloane even took a picture of me.  We had such fun.  I haven't bowled in I can't tell you how long.  But I DID get three strikes!  My game was only 101.  But fun was on our agenda and FUN is what we had.  :o)

It's been one week

Dave and Quinn left on a plane early this morning for Nashville, TN to pick up Connor from camp.  We haven't heard from him all week.  We can only assume he is doing well.  We are all missing him desperately.  Camp is over tomorrow at 11am.  Then they will have to race back to Nashville to catch their plane.  And we will see all three boys around 8pm tomorrow evening.  Can't wait!

Free bowling all summer long!

Sign up here to go bowling for free.  We printed out free coupons and plan to use them on Wednesday next week.  How about you?  Do you want to join us?  Come on.  Let's go!!!
Quinn and Dave left to pick up the molds in El Paso, Tx.  They flew out and picked up a moving van and will drive back.  While they are gone, Sloane and I went bowling.  What fun we had!!!  :o)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We found this little wagon in front of somebody's house that was in the bulk trash pile.  Can you imagine throwing this perfectly good wagon in the TRASH?  My original idea was to take it home and give it to our two-year old neighbor, Rece.  But the kids thought it was too fun to give away.  They had so much fun riding in it behind the golf cart.  So we kept it!  :o)  

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quinn is 8 on the 8th

We had a family celebration on Friday.  Quinn, (cousin) Zane, (cousin) Lyndzy and Sloane had a fun time trying to blow out the candles.  They were the ones that went out and then when you think you're done, they light back up.  Everyone joined in.  It was hilarious! 

Then today, we celebrated with Quinn's friends in our pool.  This is only some of the kids.  I couldn't corral them all at the same time for a group picture.  There are a few that were inside playing the Wii.  But that's OK, there was plenty of fun to be had.  Happy Birthday, Quinn!

Quinn's golden birthday


Today is Quinn's birthday.  He had a few friends over to help celebrate.  

Friday, August 6, 2010


Dave and I are helping Connor pack for camp.  Camp is from August 8th - 14th.  Connor is 13 and this is the first time he has ever gone to camp EVER.  And he chooses a camp on the other side of the country.  ;o)  Not only that.  But he has NEVER been away for a week without us.  He leaves early tomorrow morning on an airplane.  Dave is flying with him.  They then have a four hour drive after getting off the plane from Nashville to Jonesboro TN.  Then Dave will fly back next week to pick him up.

Connor doesn't show any signs of being excited OR nervous.  We asked him if he wanted a calling card so he could call home during the week.  And he said "No, I'll be fine."  What!!  But what about ME ~ your MOM?  And he's just as cool as a cucumber about everything.  Doesn't seem to have the jitters At all.  He has always been the kids that could walk right up to anybody and talk to them and hang out.  Never any worries about anything.  I guess that is what is going on right now.  He knows he'll make friends and have a great time.  When I was a kid and went to camp for a week, I remember being so homesick and just scared about all the people I didn't know.  Of course I always had a super time.  But the initial getting acquainted time was so scary for me.  Hopefully he will have none of that.

We asked if he wanted a disposable camera.  And he doesn't want to take pictures.  He didn't want a camp shirt either.  "Why would I want that?", he asks.  Don't you want to have ANYthing to remember camp by?  So I ordered him a camp shirt anyway.  So if he changes his mind, he will have it.  Also, my mom is buying him a disposable camera (just in case).  You know.  Things are always different once you get there.

I know Connor will be fine and he'll have a great time and make some awesome new friends.  I can't wait to hear all about it.