Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wild Oil of Oregano is THE most Amazing herb out there, afaik.  Sloane has been sick with a head cold for two weeks and it was in her throat and head.  We have been doing wet socks on her neck multiple times per day, dosing her with Vit D, Echinacea, Elderberry, Colloidal Silver, ADP (oregano pills) and nothing was shaking the cold.  But as soon as I received the Wild Oil of Oregano in the mail yesterday, I put two drops on the pads of her feet while continuing the other regimen.  And for the first time, she slept peacefully all night and woke up hacking out the mucus that has been inhabiting her head for the last two weeks.  She has bright, cheery eyes again, a smile and says her throat "only hurts a little".  She is eating again and is "bored".  That's when you Know she's not sick!  LOL  SO!  We are continuing with the Wild Oil of Oregano for a couple more days to get the rest of the virus out.  The ADP that we have used on Quinn in the past just wasn't working for her.  But at least I have found a "cure" for her.  Yay!!