Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily doings

Quinn and Sloane have been into tomatoes lately.  They like to have them cut into bit sized pieces and eat them with toothpicks.  Yum!

Dave received all of his childhood mementos from his parents as they are cleaning out their house to sell.  The kids are having a blast looking through it all.  There are grade school pictures and banners and high school id's.  They think it is so cool to see into Dave's childhood.  

The kids are having fun with these little do-dads.  I can never remember what they are called.  I'm sure you have seen them.  They are little colored, plastic cylinders.  You put them in a shape and iron them.  They melt together and Wa-La!  You have your special, little shape you made.  :o)  Very fun!