Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Monday

Today was a fun filled day. First, we went to our regular Monday park day a little early to attend a cool Mad Science class. The picture below with all the kids at the table was taken before everybody got there. We had about 10 families attend which was 30 kids. Great turn-out ~ GREAT class!

The first experiment was a mixture of cornstarch and water. Then everybody got to take turns HITTING the mixture to see what would happen. As it turns out, your fist bounces off of the mixture. But if you stick your finger in, your finger goes right in and gets messy. ewww!

Next, they made green slime. That was so fun to watch everybody get excited as it thickened up.

After Mad Science, we quickly got a bite to eat and headed across town to our part I pottery class. We even ran into 4 friends that we didn't know would be there. Below, the kids have just gotten their clay and they are pounding away on it to get it pliable.

Now they have made a ball nice and smooth to begin their first project ~ a pinch bowl.

Here is Quinn, working away on his.

Ta-da! Here is his first one.
Now, he has put some stars on the outside to jazz it up a bit.

Quinn's second bowl has stamps on the inside along with his name and a picture of something I can't remember right now.

Here is Sloane's mug. She put a couple of flowers and a star on the outside...

and stamped her name on the inside. I can't wait to see these when they are finished. In two weeks we go back. They will have been fired and ready to paint. Then they will be fired once more and we will get them a week later. Check back for updates...

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