Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today started out to be a nothing day and turned out to be a very busy one. We decided to go to Phoenix and ride the light rail. The light rail has been active since December and we hadn't been on it. So off we went. The ride there was very crowded and we had to get off once to take a potty break. We started off at 19th avenue and Montebello and rode it all the way to Tempe to the Macayo's. Below is our homeschool friends who decided to take the adventure with us.

Quinn didn't want to be in the group picture, so he took one of all of us. We are on our way back to the light rail for the ride home.
This ride was much calmer and hardly anyone on it. So I had the time to take my camera out and snap a few of all of us.

Here are our tickets from the ride.
After the light rail, Quinn wanted to go skating. So we dropped Connor off at home and headed out once more. It was a beautiful day for skating. The weather was perfect. It wasn't hot at all. And you can see Sloane doing a puppet show with her fingers while we were passing the time.

On our way home from skating at 5:55pm, we got a call from our friend telling us that Quinn had basketball practice at 6pm. We were a good 20 minutes from there. So I told her we would be there as soon as possible.

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