Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today Quinn had his first basketball game EVER. He has never played the GAME.

All he has ever done is dribble and shoot. This is the first game EVER. He has had three practices. And now he is figuring out how to play.

He was so cute out there. He mostly took it all in at the beginning. Then after half-time Dave gave him a few pointers.

When he went back in, he played more aggressive. Ya know, trying to get the ball and he DID get the ball once. Dave (with the camera) was so excited about him having the ball, he forgot until the last moment to snap a photo. LOL

We were all so happy and excited. What a fun game. Can't wait til next week. :o)

Then, later we decided to shoot off our rockets. Quinn got a rocket earlier in the week from Hobby Lobby. And Connor had a rocket from Christmas that he hadn't shot off yet. So we headed out to the highschool where there is lots of room for the rocket to go without landing on somebody's roof.

Here is Quinn's rocket all set up.

Now, he is getting ready to shoot it off.

There it goes. The rocket is on the right with the parachute. And the six little white spots are the fireproofing.

Now, Dave is getting Connor's rocket ready to fire off.

Connor is really into this.

Quinn and Sloane ran to get the rocket for Connor.

Quinn is coming back with his rocket.

Sloane didn't have a rocket. So the boys let her fire off their rockets one time. Each rocket came with two engines. So each boy shot off their rockets once and let Sloane fire it once. What nice brothers!

I snapped the camera right when I heard the sound and this is what I got. The rocket was so fast, all you see is smoke.

Here is the stand after all the rockets had been shot off.

Now we are into this rocket thing. We have to get more engines this week so we can do it again on the weekend when Dave is home.


Beachbum said...

You all are having a blast! Misses from the coast.

Shan said...

We miss you guys too. BUT, it won't be long till the conference.