Saturday, January 31, 2009

Park Pride

Yesterday, the schooled kids had most of the day off.  So they were set free in the community to do whatever.  Thankfully we had our homeschool park day up north.  So we weren't home until about 4:30pm.  While we were gone, the kids vandalized (read, took apart) the play structure at our park.  When we got home, one whole side panel was hanging down.  The kids had completely taken the screws out of the thing and lost them.  Connor was concerned when he saw the damage and told Scott, our neighbor.  He and Maureen went out to look at it and decided that it would take a bit more tools and know-how to put it back together, so they came to get Dave.  After about an hour of bending the panel back to it's original position, finding screws, getting tools, it is usable again.  Hopefully the park workers will fix it completely on Monday.  While Dave was working on the structure, our other neighbor, Shelly came to the park and gave the kids an education about park etiquette.

I think for our next block party we will make the theme "park pride" or something to that effect.  I am going to have to find somebody who can speak to the kids AND parents about the importance of keeping our park nice and clean.  I think if the parents are on board, the kids will be more likely to follow along.  I know I am out at the park daily picking up trash left by the kids, picking up limbs that were pulled off the trees.  All of this saddens me to no end.  If there is no pride in their park, our park will end up a trash dump.  We do NOT want that!

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What a beautiful family you have!