Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's motorcycles

Quinn got a new quad last night.  So we went out today to try it out.  Sloane is now riding Quinn's old quad.  And Connor has grown out of his motorcycle, as well.  We are still in the process of finding him a bike that is within our budget.  Oh yea, and Connor has also grown out of his boots and helmet.  This is NOT a cheap sport!

Connor wanted to try out Quinn's quad.  But, after the ride, he says he's still a motorcycle guy.  He doesn't want to switch.
Sloane is our little speed demon.  She goes FULL OUT the entire time she is on that thing.
And she loves it!!

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Pepper said...

Sloane is adorable! Abby and Mimi LOVE motorcyles and quads as well. Alfredo wants to get Abby her own quad when we have money. She was out riding this weekend with our neighbors, I didn't go. I can't watch. LOL. She has a little motorcyle, but won't ride it alone yet. How fun!