Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob from Lake Oswego, OR came to visit today.  For the last month, they have been staying in their camper in Parker, AZ or CA (not sure which)  They will visit Mam-ma Diane and Pap-pa Gary on Friday and then head back up to Oregon.  They like to have the break from the cold.  But this year, they didn't get as nice of a break as last year.  Last year they were able to wear shorts the whole month.  But this year it has been rainy and cold ~ very strange for Arizona.

After dinner, the kids wanted to play a game with Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob.  So we played Sequence.  The kids paired up with Sue and Bob and it was fun to watch them strategize what they would put where.

Quinn wanted to take a picture of the whole crew.  So here we are!

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