Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arizona Mystery Castle

We went to the Mystery Castle today with our Gamer friends.
There were all kinds of crazy things in this place
Looks like they fixed a broken pane of glass by mosaicing it.  Very creative.
This is an outside fireplace
Sloane was looking out the window of the outside balcony

She was looking at this armadillo

One of the rooms was called the Saguaro room.  At the time this house (castle) was built, this Saguaro was living.  

This was a mantle on one of the fireplaces.

Connor said "Look! Three suns (sons)"

One of the many bookshelves.  Can you see the cool bunnies on the top shelf?  They are painted rocks.

I spy Sloane sitting on a witches lap.

Cool staircase.

Here's what the outside looks like.

And from further away.

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